Define Your Marketing Objectives

Once you have a solid set of business objectives to work with, the next step is towards determining what to do in your business is to develop functional goals. In order to develop your marketing objectives, you must review your business objectives and see how marketing can help make these business objectives happen.  Depending on […]

Start With Your Business First

START WITH YOUR BUSINESS FIRST So, we’ve settled on a basic definition of Web Marketing and reviewed a couple of key Marketing concepts.  Shall we begin learning Web Marketing techniques now?  I know everyone wants to learn how to get their website to show up at the top of every Google search, and probably excited […]

The Power of Branding and Promotion

How much would you pay for these sunglasses? How about these? What’s the difference? Both pairs accomplish the same thing – they shield your eyes from sunlight. Yet, the first pair can be picked up at a gas station for $8.99 and the second pair is sold only at select stores for over $300. Why […]


As consumers, we are very familiar with the traditional view of retail. We make our purchases at Walmart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Foothill Bookshop, Starbucks Cafes, and other points of sale. The retailer’s job is to connect the consumer to products and facilitate the purchase. Sounds simple, right? Well, the reality today is that most […]

Place (Distribution)

The 3rd P of the Marketing Mix is PLACE. It refers to the distribution of the products and management of marketing channels. Marketing Channels Imagine everything you use in your daily life, you’d have to make yourself… Clothes you wear, the food you eat, the entertainment you consume…   Your day would be spent mostly […]