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Great article in on Nike’s self-lacing shoes (Links to an external site.) – Yes! Just like the ones in Back to the Future. Back to the Future (Links to an external site.) Talking about exciting new products!…

Pricing Strategies

Supply and Demand If you have taken a course in Economics in high school or in college, you will recall the basic principle of Supply and Demand. The relationship between these two variables is the foundation of a free-market economy. It determines market prices for goods and services and affects each one of us as […]

One of most important marketing concepts: the PLC

 In Silicon Valley, new product development is a way of life. Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple developed a reputation of innovators, bringing new products to the market more often than we need them. You barely get to know all the features of your new iPhone, when a new version is tempting you with a better […]

Marketing Budgeting and Metrics

Measuring Earnings or Loss Formulas The ROI on social media marketing campaigns Formula Budgeting for Advertising and Marketing  

Fit X, the Results

Remember the business owner’s goal? “100 new clients in 6 months”. Well, 3 months into the project, after the new site was launched, new signage hung, Los Gatos Magazine published, she called me begging to call off all remaining promotion. She had 40 new clients and could not keep up with all the new business. […]